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Vox: +1-718-939-8595

CONTACT: Vasos Panagiotopoulos, Strategy Consultant (Bio & Math Firms),

Samani Marions Panyaught Consultancy.

eMAIL: vjp2@biostrategist.com

Focuses on biotechnology, medical devices, and heavily mathematical software.

Trained in bio-fluid mechanics and innovation management.

Former Columbia Bioengineering Research Assistant for Prof Richard Skalak.

Formerly advised restructuring of Columbia MBA Technology Management course.

Former NY Federal Reserve Analyst.


Samani was founded in 1977.
Samani Marions Panyaught Consultancy provides business advice to highly technical firms.


Providing advisory and liaison services in:

Technological Proficiencies Include:



Currently involved with and/or have access to (intentionally obfuscated to preserve confidentiality) include: tactile VR, quantum SOI, relativistic X-rays, EKG/pacemaker AI, immunophysics, solid-state DNA detection, AI combinatorial chemistry, cancer treatments, non-viral DNA vectors, magnetic separation, anatomical FEA, endosurgical & cardiovascular devices, bioremediation.. Ambitious Biotechnologies. * Ambitious